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Punch Lists

Snag Lists

Site Audits

On-Site Inspections

Construction Projects

Building Surveys

Health & Safety Inspections

Housing Inspections

House Inventories

Tracking Problems

Managing Issues

Professional PDF Reports

(30 Premium Report Styles)

Site Report Pro helps individuals and teams manage anything from on-site construction projects to home based inspections.  It provides effortless capture of issues with multiple photos which can be easily marked up with annotations and highlights. Issues can be shared and professional PDF reports generated - all directly on your iPhone or iPad. No cloud services or monthly licence fees.


Works on iPhone and iPad






Easily capture the issue

Mark up the photo

Add details

Assign and send to others

Generate professional PDFs

Manage projects on your iPhone or iPad and create professional PDF reports.

Site Report Pro - Watch the Preview


Photograph the Issue

Take a photograph

Mark up the image

Set due date

Select priority

Set status

Add colour coded tags

Add details and comments

Retake photos (as work progresses)

Visually track progress (multiple photos per issue)

Annotate the Issue

Draw on the photo with your finger
  • Circle issues
  • Highlight with arrows
  • Record measurements
  • Add text to the photo
Easy undo, re-position, move, and delete
  • Tap to highlight an annotation
  • Drag to move an annotation
  • Pull anchor point to re-size
  • Adjust line thickness and colour
Simple drawing tools
  • Freehand
  • Text
  • Arrow
  • Measurement
  • Circle
  • Rectangle

Share the Issue

ASSIGN - Send issues to other users


IMPORT - Receive issues from other users


  • Email, message, print, & share issues
  • Send issues to third party apps like DropBox
  • Assign issues to another Site Report Pro user
  • Assigned issues are 'locked' until returned
  • Import issues - it's magical - updates existing copy
  • Easy sharing and issue management for teams
  • No cloud service needed
  • No subscription fees

Report on the Issues

Create professional PDF reports from your mobile device
Choose from 30 premium report themes and styles
Configure PDF report options
  • Sort issues by name, due date, priority, status, & more
  • Filter issues by different criteria
  • Select colours for chosen theme
  • Customise pages
  • Choose styling (fonts, date formats, headers, footers)


Generate a PDF report for selected project issues
Store multiple PDF reports per project
Share PDF reports
  • via e-mail, messages & third party apps like DropBox

Report on the issues

Create Professional PDF Reports from your Mobile Device
Choose from 30 Premium Report Themes and Styles
Configure PDF Report Options
  • Sort Issues by name, due date, priority, status, & more
  • Filter Issues by different criteria
  • Select Colours for chosen theme
  • Customise Pages
  • Choose Styling (fonts, date formats, headers, footers)


Generate a PDF Report for selected Project Issues
Store Multiple PDF Reports per Project
Share PDF Reports
  • via E-Mail, SMS & Third Party Apps such as DropBox

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