Snag List Reports

What is a Snag List and how can the Site Report Pro app help with Snag List Reports?

Site Report Pro can help anyone who needs to produce a Snag List: a list of ‘snags’ or issues related to the inspection of something. This could be a snag list for a house inspection, a site inspection, or a health and safety check. The Site Report Pro App allows you to easily add items to your Snag List – take photographs of snags, mark up the issue using your finger to draw on the photo, enter the snag details and notes, set the snag status, and share snags from your snagging list with other members of your team.


Work on Snag Lists as a team

The Site Report Pro App allows teams to share, assign and transfer Snags to each other. The Site Report Pro app makes it easy to manage a large snagging list, keeping track of completed work through multiple snag photos and updates, and as snags are assigned to team members the Site Report Pro app shows which user has control and is currently working on a particular snag list item.


Generate Professional Snag List Reports

Snag List Reports can be generated in PDF format with just a few clicks. The Site Report Pro App allows a user to produce a professional Snag List Report PDF based on one of the many premium report styles that are available. The PDF Snagging List report can be generated directly from your mobile device. You can then share and email the Snag List Report to other people as needed.

Snagging List Reports can be highly customised. The Site Report Pro app allows the Snags to be sorted by a specific field and filtered by particular statuses or other data items.  It allows a choice of colour for the Snag List Report and users can choose whether to show headers, footers, tags, tag names, dates, times, and other items.

The Site Report Pro app will allow you to quickly produce professional Snag List Reports and it will save you a significant amount of time and effort.


Snag List Report Documentation for Health & Safety

The Snag List Report can be saved with your project so that it acts as a documentation record of work done and outstanding issues at a specific moment in time. You can generate a new Snag List Report at a later date and these multiple reports can help to demonstrate compliance in relation to any items associated with health and safety issues.