Site Audit Reports

What is a Site Audit and how can the Site Report Pro app help with Site Audits Reports?

Site Report Pro is an iOS App that makes it easy to perform a mobile Site Audit. You can walk the site and easily add items to your site audit – photograph issues, annotate and mark them up using your finger to draw on the photo, add details, notes, comments, set item statuses, and assign the work to a member of your team.


Perform Site Audits as a team

The Site Report Pro App allows teams to share, assign and transfer ‘Issues’ between each other, so that work based on the Site Audit can be actioned immediately and easily managed.


Generate Professional Site Audit Reports on the go

Site Audit Reports in PDF format can easily be generated with just a few clicks. The  Site Report Pro App has the ability to produce a professional PDF report based on one of 30 premium report styles. The Site Audit PDF report can be generated directly on your mobile device and it can be saved with a specific project. You can also email and share the Site Audit Report to whoever needs to see it.

Site Audit Reports can also be customised as required. The Site Report Pro app allows the Project Issues to be sorted by a specific field and filtered by particular statuses or other data items.  It allows a choice of colour for the Site Audit Report and permits on/off selection of whether to show headers, footers, dates, times, tags, tag names, and other information.

If you need to perform fast mobile site audits then the Site Report Pro app will save you a large amount of time and effort, and you will end up with a professional documentation record of your work and on site audit decisions.